Online Workshop 31/07/2024 – Jennifer Carr – Eating Our Emotions (And how Not To)

Online Workshop with Jennifer Carr

Jen specialises in eating psychology and gut health, coaching people to heal their relationship with food and their body. Her focus is to make women feel seen, understood and less alone in their struggles around weight, food and body dysmorphia, so it becomes easier and less scary to make the changes they need and want.

Eating our Emotions and How Not To

Session is Wednesday 31st July 7-8pm

Learn how to nourish your body and treat it with kindness

How we look after our bodies is fundamental to our mental health. When we fill up with nutritious goodness and move, we not only feel great physically but it helps elevate our mood and well-being. However, we can also fall into unhealthy patterns and unkind inner talk. Join us in unlearning negative behaviour towards eating and how to replace punishment with love.