Feel Good Session 20/07/2024 – Jess Avey – Affirmations & Daily Gratitude

Feel Good Session with Jess Avey

Affirmations & Daily Gratitude

 affirmations : ‘how’s your self talk lately?? Many of us are conditioned to talk to ourselves poorly. Constant criticism seeps into our conscious & can have a huge impact on our happiness. This session explores how affirmations can reframe our minds & let go of that nagging inner critic’.

Daily gratitude ‘how do you practise gratitude  Join me to create your own daily gratitude practise & reflect how gratitude really can make optimism sustainable’

Session is Saturday 20th July @ 9:30-11:30am

Life can be a lot, it will challenge you and throw you off course, it will be a rollercoaster of emotions…and can sometimes just feel too much. If you can relate and would love some techniques and tools to keep grounded, lighter and supported, then our inspiring Jess is your go to girl to ensure a healthy and happy well-being.


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