Feel Good Session 19/10/2024 – Vikki Deane – Take Back Control of your Finances

Feel Good Session with Vikki Deane

Financial whizz and mortgage expert Vikki, is committed to sharing her wealth of knowledge with women to put them in control of their financial decisions and well-being. Her goal is to educate and empower women so they can utilise their finances to achieve their dreams. She knows that woman to woman upskilling will give them their financial freedom.

Take Back Control of your Finances

Session is Saturday 19th October 9:30-11am

Do you feel a lack of control with your finances, like it’s not for you, it’s too complicated, and where would you even start? It is for you, and it is for everyone. Taking the reins of your finances will not only make you feel more powerful, but lead you to a world of abundance. Our financial wiz Vikki wants to help you feel more confident to take control. Knowledge is power!


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