Feel Good Session 16/11/2024 – Heather Peattie – Circle 3 – Inspiration

Feel Good Session with Heather Peattie

With the purpose of creating absolute peace and calm; Heather has created Sanctuary Home Healing to balance body, mind and soul. Drawing on holistic wisdom and a deep connection with the Divine Feminine, she offers grounding and restorative experiences that will allow you to nurture your being, reconnect with your soul and restore your health and wellbeing.

Circle 3 – Inspiration
Session is Saturday 16th November 9:30-11:30am
Activate the sacred fire of inspiration – say Yes to our passion, make space and time to tend to our sacred wildfire and activate our healing through creative expression.

Do you want to leave behind the old ways of control, dominance and patriarchal power? Do you feel your Sacred Feminine bubbling under the service ready to radiate? Our truly soulful Heather will be holding space for unlearning what doesn’t serve us, reidentifying with your innate wisdom and connecting to your sacral. Get ready to raise your vibrations!



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