Feel Good Session 13/11/2024 – Grace Bos – Organise & Strategise your Brand

Feel Good Session with Grace Bos

Grace’s aim is to simplify social media and to show you what a magical world of fun it can be. She formed The Bos Agency to help people showcase their authentic self on their platforms, and strives to help grow your brand to its fullest potential. She wants to empower people to feel confident and excited when creating and posting content, and for their business to ultimately boom once they feel aligned with their social media connections.

Organise & Strategise your Brand

Session is Wednesday 13th November 9:30-11am

Social media right…we love it, we hate it, we understand how to use it, then we don’t! It can be a minefield, but we also know it is an immensely powerful tool when harnessed well. If you want to learn how to share and grow your voice and visibility to the right people and in the right way, our girl Grace knows it all and will show you how.


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