October Newsletter

October 21, 2020

Hello October you pumpkin spiced latte and cosy knit fuelled dreamboat. 

Things are as busy as ever here at The Liberty Lounge HQ! Now the doors have closed we can’t wait to get to know you better and work how to support you on your journey’s. We’ve been busy re-recording the 21 day Stepping Into Your Power challenge for you and can’t wait to share it. Community is key to what we do here and the thought of us all experiencing the challenge together makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

The Liberty Lounge Podcast

It’s finally happened! After many years of talking, dreaming and manifesting, this week Jen and Holly recorded their first-ever podcast. And boy…did they kick off things with a bumper episode. They interviewed the lovely Claire Snowdon-Darling and talked about their fave topic…SEX and leant how to have an orgasm not one or two but seven ways. 

They also interview the wonderful Nicole Louise Geddes about how the entertainment industry has been deeply impacted across this year and how she has been able to pivot her business and help others to spiral up. We absolutely can’t wait for these episodes, stay tuned to find out more.

Stop. Collaborate and listen

We might have closed the doors on our memberships, but we are always looking out for new collaborators. 

Infact, we’ve just created a new collaborators membership. Where, depending on what you contribute you can get a membership at a reduced rate or pay a monthly fee to contribute articles, grow your audience or have access to Liberty Lounge tools.

Interested? Contact Jo@thelibertylounge.com to find out more.

Good things are coming

We’re dedicated to making The Liberty Lounge even bigger and better. Giving you access to even more tools to help your self development and personal growth. We’ll reveal more details about this very soon, but please know that we’re super grateful for all your support and understanding while we work out how to give you the best possible content.

As always if there is anything you’d like to see more or less of, you have a Love letter to share or Dear Jen question to ask please contact charla@thelibertylounge.com

Stay playful, curious and kind.

Jen X

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