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November 6, 2020

Oh November. How we will remember, remember November!

We really hope you’re doing ok. And even if you don’t feel it right now we actually know you’re going to do ok because we are going to do our very best help you be ok, ok! If you’ve taken the leap into our girl gang then you’re already someone who knows how to look after themselves.

We want you to know we are SO glad you’re here and we are ready to embrace the good, bad and the ugly with you. Anyway…isn’t the sequel usually the one where the lead roles make a comeback? Where they face a more sinister villain? Slay an even bigger dragon? The comeback is ALWAYS greater than the set back so let’s do this…TOGETHER.

After the success of the last 21 Day challenge, we really wanted to share the goodness with our lovely lounge members and with another lockdown to overcome what better time to fill your mind with a whole heap of positive thoughts! This challenge will show you how to turn your overthinking into a superpower that results in BIG dreams and unlocks the potential in you to achieve them. Awaken your imagination, see the magic in the world and change the course of your life.

Learn how to make your primary response one of hope, gratitude, abundance and love. Get ready for this to transform you, connect you with your power and start the shiniest chapter of your life.

All Liberty Lounge members will get access to this challenge and Jen’s Facebook Group absolutely free but if you’re not a member click here to purchase access

Sign up, Sign up, Sign up

We spoke a little while back about you having to sign up again to overcome our little tech issue with the App. That still needs to happen but because we want to spread a little joy and give a little something extra back, we’re giving you another month for FREE. We’ll share a link in the next week or so for you to sign up from December. Keep those peepers peeled on the App for more updates and the link to sign up (existing membership agreements and collaborators may have a slightly different process).

The Liberty Lab

We know some of you are here because like us, you’ve taken a look down the rabbit hole and you like what you see. Maybe you’ve got ideas that keep you up at night? Or maybe you are hell-bent on making that thing, an actual thing but you’re just not quite sure where to start. Enter The Liberty Lab. A space where your thoughts and ideas are not only welcomed but encouraged. This new workshop helps you explore the inside of your mind with people who dared to dream big and make those dreams come true. The Liberty Lab is currently open to all across November and will be hosted by Jen and Charla so keep your eyes on the calendar as there are only 8 spaces available.

As always if there is anything you’d like to see more or less of, you have a Love letter to share or Dear Jen question to ask please contact

Stay playful, curious, kind and safe!

Jen X

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