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September 8, 2020


September could prove to be an interesting month for Caps due to various significant movements in their charts in the coming weeks.

First up is Venus’ (ruler of Cap’s 5th house) transit into the 8th house on the 6th.

Loved up goats may find themselves feeling uncharacteristically erotic, much to their partners surprise. Many caps find resisting temptation a struggle, but If self-control isn’t practised this unusual behaviour could lead to all sorts of problems in the middle of the month, such as unusual spurts of jealousy and even the desire to cheat.

For single Caps, this will present itself in much the same way, with risky liaisons seeming irresistibly tempting, but these encounters would only serve to satisfy physical cravings and not anything deep or long term.

From a professional standpoint, September has the capacity to be a very fruitful month as Mercury (ruler of Capricorn’s work and health) transits into the 10th house.

This is favourable for Caps and they can expect to be rewarded for work they’ve been putting in, and perhaps climb a rung of the career ladder. For those unhappy at work, now would be an ideal time to apply for something new whilst the planets are on Capricorn’s side.

Tarot card of the month – The Devil


Aquarians have a reputation for being aloof and even slightly cold, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart, but September should be fairly smooth sailing as Venus transits the 7th house of relationships on the 6th. This will see the elusive Aquarian romantic side emerge, allowing for deep, warm communications and could even push relationships to their next natural step.

For single Aquarians (who often find themselves attracted to people from other cultures), travel would be an interesting opportunity to meet a new love interest, alternatively, a cultural experience closer to home such as dance, theatre or art classes.

Work relations may be more problematic as the Mars retrograde (through the third house of communication, learning and transactions) is likely to have a detrimental effect on organisational skills between 10th September and 14th November.

Hold off on any large investment plans and make sure admin such as paperwork is thoroughly checked for errors. Also, keep a close eye on personal belongings such as car keys as the Aquarian is predisposed to misplace things at the best of times.

Tarot card of the month – 2 of cups


The Sun lights up Pisces’ house of partnerships and marriage for the majority of September, paired with an intimate and erotic Mercury transit on the 8th, single Piscarians will find themselves longing for new love connections for the first half of the month, and should find it particularly easy to do so, especially in the workplace.

As well as romance, the Sun’s harmony with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn from Pisces’ 11th house (friends and social ties) may find Pisceans seeking out platonic relationships as well, this could be new friends or contacting people that they have lost touch with (possibly via the internet).

September brings with it the Mars retrograde through Pisces’ 2nd house (money and personal resources). As a result, it’s possible that there will be some financial hiccups to deal with.

Now would be a good time to take a realistic look at finances and make any necessary cuts, it would also be unwise to make any long-term investments or commitments but use this time to evaluate personal resources and revise in and outgoings.

Tarot card of the month – 6 of cups


Due to various transitions including the Sun, Mercury and Venus, September brings around some pretty exceptional astrological circumstances for rams, and as such, nothing can stand in their way. For the Harry Potter inclined, this month is the equivalent of an Arian’s Felix Felicis (for muggles, liquid luck) and they will have the ability to achieve anything and win anyone over.

Single Arians may experience lightning-fast, love at first sight, the feelings will almost certainly be mutual, but unlikely to develop into long term or deep connections.

The Sun is shining on Aries’ 6th house of work and health until the 22nd September, encouraging progress and accomplishments in the work place. The Sun’s harmony with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn (situated in Aries’ 10th house of career) means that this month brings endless opportunities to receive recognition, achieve goals and find metaphorical pots of gold.

Tarot card of the month – Ace of Cups


Both Pluto (modern ruler of Taurus’ 7th house, partnerships and marriage) and Mars are in retrograde this month, as a result, for committed bulls, there may be some relationship tension, perhaps relating to family issues having adverse effects. There might be a tendency towards aggressiveness, but it would be wise to do everything to avoid the situation getting out of hand. Towards the last few days of September, Venus and Mars harmonise, meaning that if tempers can be held, the month will end in harmony.

Brighter news for single bulls, as the chance of meeting someone with an open mind, arise between 8th and 16th September. Jupiter (ruler of intimacy) begins retrograde motion on the13th which suggests an old flame may reignite.

Mercury transits Taurus’ 6th house of work for most of the month. Career efforts put in over the next few weeks will be rewarded, provided the graft is put in. Motivation levels should be on the rise and there may be a plethora of new ideas to develop a business or make work more efficient.

Tarot card of the month – 5 of wands


Meow, Geminis are feeling especially romantic and playful this month inspired by the transit of Mercury in the 5th house, bringing out their naturally flirtatious and entertaining side.

At this time twins will likely crave being at the centre of their partner’s (or object of their affection’s) world, but they should be careful not to become too self-centred.

Venus (ruler of Gemini’s 5th house) transits into their house of communication on 6th September, aiding skills of seduction and gift of the gab to entice and allure rather than demanding attention in an exaggerated manner.

Professionally, due to Mars’ retrograde, things may slow down this month, although the delays may be frustrating there’s no point trying to push things as it will not help matters, instead, use this time to think about plans for the future and how they might be achieved.

There may also be some financial concerns, particularly in regard to overspending, it would be a wise time to take a good look at in and outgoings and change financial strategies where needed, especially when it comes to joint money, investments or debts.

Tarot card of the month – The High Priestess


We’ve all heard of Mercury retrograde, but it is the Mars’ retrograde from the 10th in particular that will be making waves for Cancerians over the coming weeks.

Although stereotypically open emotionally, crabs can sometimes find that communication issues haunt their love lives. For those affected by this, September is the perfect chance to express feelings and show their partners that they care – particularly between the 8th and 16th September when the Sun makes harmonious aspects with retrograded Jupiter, Pluto and most importantly, Mars. Those that do so will be rewarded as they receive the same affection in return.

For single crabs, a lack of patience may hold them back from winning hearts, The Mars retrograde can cause delays in all aspects of life, so make the most of this time to decide if current or potential relationships have any long-term potential and revise life and love goals.

Mars rules Cancer’s 10th house of career, reputation, and professional goals, this can cause conflicts in all areas of life, and especially work, even though Cancerians are not usually that way inclined.

For business owners this can rear its head in a competitive sense, try to keep community over competition at the forefront to avoid making enemies in the field.

Tarot card of the month – The Lovers


Leo season may be over but that doesn’t mean lions are any less charming or attractive, admiring attention received during the next few weeks may trigger jealousy from a partner if they are that way inclined. Between 14th and 16th September, Uranus (ruler of Leo’s relationships and marriage) makes a square with Venus, this can cause friction in relationships, partners may be especially irritated by gossiping or overly egotistical behaviour.

As of the 13th, Jupiter (ruler of Leo’s 5th house of love affairs, flirting and romance) regains its normal position after retrograde, bringing sparkle to the love lives of both committed and single lions. For the latter, Leos ought to be careful not to blow their own trumpets too much or potential love interests could be put off by the legendary lion ego.

Professionally, Jupiter’s upright position is good news for Leos seeking employment or with elevated career goals, however towards the end of the month there may be some unforeseen expenses, possibly around home and living space, so it would be wise to set money aside just in case.

Tarot card of the month – Judgement


Virgos may find their heads spinning due to current climates and planetary retrogrades this month. Under these astrological and social circumstances, Virgos, who like to have their ducks in a row, can feel out of sorts. However, the Sun is shining on Virgo until September 22nd, and harmonious aspects with the planets from its 5th house will help restore zest for life.

Virgoans who have experienced difficult relationships, confidence issues or who are looking for love can expect some good fortune surrounding their love lives as Virgo’s 5th house (romance, flirting, love affairs) and 8th house (intimacy, eroticism, secrets, mutual trust) are strongly activated by the planets. Mars’ retrograde transit can also help Virgoans who want to spark an old flame ignites a new one or escape any toxic relationships, romantic or platonic.

In regard to finances, the Mars retrograde is a time to be shrewd and not splash out on unnecessary luxuries, as rainy-day funds for more important, unexpected reasons may be needed in the coming months.

Tarot card of the month – The Sun


Committed Librans may find their balance thrown off in the upcoming weeks and months due to the Mars retrograde (ruler of their 7th house in relationships, partnerships and marriage).

This could mean love scales are unevenly tipped. The planet won’t right itself until mid-November, so this time would be well spent reviewing relationship ratios of give and take and revising unequal power balances.

Single Librans could be struck with a lightning bolt of passion mid-month, as Venus (ruler of Libra) transits their 11th house (friends, social groups and environment). It is likely that the fling will be with somebody already known to them, an acquaintance, or with links to a friend.

This is unlikely to be a long-term connection, so be careful not to tarnish any valued companionships.

Communication skills will be at an elevated level for most of this month, as Mercury (planet of communication and thought) transits Libra between 5th and 27th September. This astrological context means that, professionally, scale signs are at the top of their game. This would be an ideal time to negotiate any deals or contracts that have been in the pipeline for a while, or even adding feathers to caps with new skills or knowledge.

Tarot card of the month – Ace of Swords


Scorpios may have found themselves glued to their phones or even sliding down conspiracy theory rabbit holes of late, this is due to the Sun shining on their 11th house of humanitarian causes and the online environment. However, the Sun is supported by Mercury from the 5th highlighting friendships and social status, so now is the right time to get back in the game.

This could also see an online interaction making the switch from DM’s to IRL, it may be strictly platonic but the foundations for love could be laid, if desired.

The transit of Venus (ruler of Scorpio’s 7th house of partnerships, and marriage) on 6th September makes committed Scorpions hone in on their love lives, and what can be done to ramp relationships up a notch, this may cause a rift mid-month if a partner is not singing from the same hymn sheet. It would be wise to accept that they are entitled to make their own decisions on pace and life choices.

Scorpions may find the retrograde of Mars (traditional ruler of Scorpio and ruler of the 6th house of work) cause issues with coworkers, especially those not pulling their weight.

This can make it feel like twice as much work needs to be done, but try not to push too hard as it is unlikely to help matters, try to practice patience.

Mars will not realign itself until mid-November, so this period of time could be spent analysing the professional direction in which to proceed, updating CVs, gaining skills and getting proverbial ducks in a row, especially if a change of job or career direction is desired.

Tarot card of the month – 2 of cups


Typically, optimist archers may be feeling blue due to Jupiter’s (ruler of Sagittarius) retrograde, the planet resumes its direct motion on 13th September, alas, this crosses over with Mars’ (ruler of Sagittarius house of love and romance) retrograde on 10th September, delaying the return of the incessantly positive Sagittarius attitude.

This would never be enough to put off a true Sag rom an adventure or two though, 6th September sees Venus transit the 9th house (beliefs, ideas, life philosophy, the abroad, travel) inviting the start a journey, either literal or of knowledge and self-development.

For the majority of September, Mercury’s transit of the 11th house (friends, social groups, online environment) will have sags in the mood to socialise or slide into DM’s, however once the thrill of the chase is over, boredom is likely to kick in at lighting speed.

Committed Sags may find their eyes starting to wander, those wanting to make their relationships work should try to analyse why the spark has gone, and what can be done to reignite it, rather than seeking quick fix gratification elsewhere.

The Mercury transit can also be highly beneficial to work relations. Towards the end of the month a professional partnership or joint project, particularly of the online variety, could be extremely rewarding, as long as the Sag can bare to not be in complete control for a change.

Card of the month – 3 of pentacles

A bit about Bekkie Kingsley-Smith from Through the Looking Glass.

‘My grandad was a gilder and would gold leaf Gypsy caravans, picking up palmistry along the way, although he died before I was born my dad always said I had inherited his “shine”.

I didn’t always know I was a witch, although the signs were there from childhood. I’m happiest in nature, waves lapping my feet, or deep in the woods surrounded by nothing but bird song and the smell of damp moss. I’ve got strange birthmarks, an aversion to my neck being touched and I’ve seen 11:11 on the clock daily as long as I can remember, long before I was aware of its connotations with numerology.

In my late twenties, I was gifted some tarot cards and books by a lady I worked with at the time, she had seen something in me that I didn’t know was there, I was instantly hooked. I signed up for a short tarot course and began my book of shadows, picking up spells here and there, and delving into astrology and the history of witchcraft.

I am still a baby witch but I’m on a path I adore and learn new tricks of the trade with every sunrise, but the real magic is believing in yourself if you do that you can make anything happen.’

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