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June 10, 2020

I don’t think that we have ever looked forward to going to the lavender this much before. After everything that has happened, the idea of feeling that moment of true peace that only lavender can give… It is going to be phenomenal!

I cannot wait to wander down that hill and see the magnificent spread of purple before my eyes. To smell that scent that will stain our skin for days. It is magical. The entire day has always been magical, but this year… It will be unbelievable.

Last year we visited the lavender with over 40 women. They stood side by side, hands held in a circle. We cried, laughed, threw our hands into the air and ran along those lanes completely carefree in every way. It was like any weight had been lifted, women screaming that they loved themselves, that they were beautiful and sexy and strong. We didn’t think anything could top that moment, ever again.

But this year we have all been through something that will leave its print on us for the rest of our days. We will always remember Summer 2020 for what we lost, for the days where we weren’t allowed to leave the house, but also the new opportunities we found. The side hustles built, the date nights in the garden for the first time in years. I am a different woman now than I was in March, and I’m sure many of you feel the same way. We are stronger now, tougher. We have found gratitude for the small things, a new kindness in how we treat each other and the world. I believe that lavender will be a day that we will never forget. The team will stand together once again, photographing hundreds over just two days. We’ll be there from the crack of dawn until the stars come out; playing, jumping with excitement, breathing in that lavender air. The rest of the year is training, lavender is the marathon. It signals summer for us, a time to bring together families, friends, loved ones. To celebrate ourselves and everything we have. There is not a single day in the year where we feel the love quite like lavender.

So please universe, let it be sunny. Let it be glorious, let us fall into the magic of those fields and be home once again.

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