We’re so glad you’re part of our girl gang. YOU are the reason we pour all our love, energy and creativity into making The Lounge what it is. We can’t thank you enough for being here and for being so patient with us while we work through our various tech issues.

Our aim is to continue to grow, learn and evolve as you do, so our smokes are so huge they enter the room before we do, we unapologetically take up all the space so the word shrink is removed from our vocabulary and we pretty much take over the world.

We’ll keep searching to find and showcase the most exciting collaborators and make sure your mind, body and souls are fed and you feel inspired to dream a little bigger. You may see that some of our memberships have changed slightly. A few updates;

  • We’ve even added a new workshop feature! Workshops are available under two levels gold or platinum and, the good news is, if they don’t come included in your membership you have the option to pay a little extra for them.

  • You will see that the Phoenix tier is now aimed at those looking to level up their business and we will be offering special coaching, classes and workshops that won’t be available on any other tier.

We already know there are many of you on this path and the idea is we’ll give you access to all the industry professionals and support to help you do just that. Maybe there is a collaborator inside you, just waiting to get out! We believe this membership will help you unlock your true potential.

So however you’ve found yourself to be here, we’re so glad you are and can’t wait to help you find your path and walk it with you.


Stand steady & confident

£37 per month

Access to the community network

Access to all events

Access to gold and discount to platinum courses

Monthly Newsletter

Access to curated groups

Digital reruns of all events

Digital bank of varied Online Fitness classes

15-minute life coach call each month

Monthly Social Media/PR Content Planner