Full Moon in Pisces

September 8, 2020

Anyone notice how everything changes when there is a full moon? The world goes crazy the week surrounding it right?!

Once you start to track the Lunar Cycle and learn to use it to your benefit, it’s not quite so daunting….. But what do you do and when? The simplest rule to start with; Full Moon is to forgive and release, the New Moon is to set intentions and manifest….and let’s be clear, you can’t do one without the other!

This month’s Full Moon in Pisces is raw and emotional! Explains why we are all feeling quite sensitive eh?!

More than ever, this is a time to forgive and release. Forgiveness enables us to release all that no longer serves us, which makes way for the good stuff! If we allow the watery, healing energy of Pisces to soothe and calm our emotions, then we can use this as a time to dream big and get clear on our visions for the future.

Unfortunately, we can’t heal if we don’t feel… Take the time to sit with any negative emotions/behaviours. Do not suppress! Doing so will only make you feel extra shitty and this Pisces Moon is all about the feels… Forgive yourself and others; get clear on what you need to let go of. Try writing this on paper, saying out loud and then burning it. You’ll find that most Moon rituals will advocate this method as having the most power. It will make you feel lighter too!

The Full Moon is our time to have a big deep clean on all the negative/limiting stuff we have going on. It gets us all geared up and ready for the next Lunar cycle. It enables us to take a minute to check our own personal roadmap and realign if we are not quite where we want to be. By processing this we make way for all that we dream of…from endings new beginnings are born! Now is the time to trust your intuition and really connect with your inner psychic. However, don’t get too caught up in all the dreaminess and forget to act. Those new beginnings won’t start themselves!

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