19th June @10am Online Workshop 19/06/2024 – Jennifer Channer – Get to Know You – Come start your journey of expansion with us

24th June @9.30-9:50am – Online Manifesting Monday – Start your week with focus, positivity and power with Jen

24th June @10am – Lounge Manifesting Monday – Change your life in a morning with Jen

26th June @9.30am – Feel Good Session – Laura Briscoe – Re-identifying as an Organised PersonHow to declutter a path to an organised and easy life

28th June @12.30pm – Feel Good Session – Philippa Wilmot – Create and Love your Business Vision, Mission & ValuesMaking the world of business exciting, sexy, successful, and for everyone


1st July @9.30am – Manifesting Monday

3rd July @9.30am -Feel Good Session – Estefania – How to Create Natural Skincare at Home

Glow up and love your skin with natural lotions and potions

3rd July @7pm – Online Workshop – Tania Meacher – Entangled Roots

Get Witchy and use Ancient Wisdom to Heal

8th July @9.30am – Feel Good Session – Laura McBride- Be Part of a Healing Reiki Circle

Release, renew and re-collaborate your energy with Reiki healing

10th July @9.30am – Writing Wednesday

10th July @ 7pm – Online Workshop – Jess Avey – Use Breathwork & Meditation to Create Calm

22nd June @10am – Feel Good Session – Jennifer Channer – How to Live to your Energy & Honour your Purpose

Learn and lean into your energy type to feel more aligned and in flow with life

15th July @9.30am – Manifesting Monday

17th July @9.30am – Writing Wednesday

20th July @12.30pm Feel Good Session – Jess Avey – How to Harness the Power of Affirmations & Daily Gratitude

Learn how to cope when life gives you lemons

22nd July @9.30am – Manifesting Monday

24th July @9.30am – Writing Wednesday

26th July @12.30pm- Feel Good Session – Georgia Stechman – Learn to Hear, Develop & Train your Intuition

How to receive and read the signs pointing you to your destiny

27th July @9.30am – Feel Good Session – Heather Peattie – Join a Powerful Circle to Unlearn the Patriarchy

Get ready to grow and live within your divine Sacred Feminine era

29th July @9.30am – Manifesting Monday

31st July @9.30am – Feel Good Session – Grace Bos – How to Build a Social Media Community

Be a boss at social media