Lisa Marie

The Estelles

Of late I’m mainly known for being a lead singer in The Estelles. But I have spent my entire life from the age of 8 performing. I feel in love with performing after watching dirty dancing and it grabbed my heart and never let go. I trained in a strict dance school with a strict syllabus and regime and then battled my way in one of the hardest fights in life to win a scholarship to train in London professionally at the age of 18. An amazing opportunity that also came with some heartache and sadness. We were regularly weighed and moulded into clones of each other. Financially I had to support myself my parents couldn’t afford to so I would train form 8-5 then work 6- midnight and every weekend just to pay my rent. I will never forget the heartbreak of being told I didn’t get my dream role the 2nd year show of chorus line. Not because I wasn’t good enough for the role but because I didn’t look as good in a bikini ( the characters costume. Please bare in mind I was a size 8 at the time. This almost broke me but a few months later a top-class agent came to do a workshop at my college and he asked if anyone would sing solo. I don’t know what came over me as I was always a little shy I shot up my hand and got up and belted out a massive number. He pulled me aside after and singled me straight up to his agency. That was it I started to get auditions and got m first professional job. So I graduated 6 months early and got my first cruise ship contract. I spent the next 3 years on cruises in shows all over the world. Although to some it was living the dream and at times it was. It was also the loneliest time being surrounded by fellow performers who would stab you in the back at any given opportunity. Make faces and jibes at you when you ate a piece of cake or had an off day or your belly was bloated. You never had any support no one backed each other it was every person for themselves they would sell their souls for the right job.

After a few years, I settled down and have children and married and walked away from that life. For a few years, I was happy just being a mum. But after losing my mum in 2014 something in me changed and I realised how much I missed performing and how life really was to short to not be complete and to always feel like something was missing. So I decided to start singing again but this time it was going to be different I would be me and only me no pretending to be someone else trying to hide behind an image. I also decided I needed to dance again and I wanted to teach. But I swore I would never teach people the right way and not conform to a regime and strict syllabus of grades. So I started school and I got it known that my school was different. There was no judgment when you walked there was no punishing routine it was about performing letting go! Bringing out the best in that individual being the best version of you. I wanted people to experience the buzz of performing that moment where you just let go and nothing else matters. For me, as a mum it’s my time to let go and to be me. Teaching otherwise what I am so passionate about completes me and I am determined to make a difference no adult or child will ever walk into a class and feel intimidated. They will know it’s a safe place where we have fun and place no judgement.


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