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Our wonderful Liberty Lounge approved coaches, mentors and therapists have all been tried and tested by the team and Jen at the Liberty Lounge and here are the ones that come most highly recommended. From wardrobe consultants to social media gurus, to business coaches and counsellors. Sometimes we all need a helping hand and these women not only know what they are doing but do it with true impact, true integrity and they have our complete confidence.

The Liberty Coaches

Jennifer Sanchez
Jennifer SanchezSuccess Coach
After 7 years of coaching women towards better relationships with themselves and their bodies, and 8 years in business, I have become passionate about bodies, bravery and business. I love fast results and I work quickly at recentring people on their path, and giving them the strength and conviction to make ether dreams a reality.
Sally Spicer
Sally SpicerCareer Coach

I’m a Career Coach and I work with women to help them gain control of their careers. I’ve worked in the employment industry for 20 years and I have helped transition over 5000 people into new careers.

I’m passionate about women in business, I’m passionate about helping women feel confident in the careers choices they make and I am passionate about women getting paid what they are worth! I founded SCOACH to empower the women I work with to gain career control and make the decisions best for them!

Charla Grant
Charla GrantLife Coach

Founder of The Grateful Hearts Club and Gratitude Coach I draw on my lived experiences to help you better understand yours. If you feel disconnected from the joy in your life or are looking for new ways to build resilience, gratitude can help.

My understanding of gratitude, coaching experience and intuitive approach life have created a unique combination tools. I can’t wait to work with anyone looking to live a happier life.

Cheryl Dodd
Cheryl DoddBusiness Coach

Hi, I’m Cheryl, my strengths are around service and product-based businesses both bricks and mortar or online. My training and experience is mostly commercial retail & service so I have lots of experience with driving sales & profit, retail, service, processes and systems, building and leading teams, leadership, creating online courses and memberships.

I am currently training for my Coaching Diploma certification with the ICF ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program), and am offering the option of an hour which will be split into half coaching and half mentoring.

Hannah Murray
Hannah MurrayMindfulness & Mental Health Coach
I’m Hannah, 36 year old Mental Health Specialist Nurse. After 13 years in clinical psychology based services I decided to channel my knowledge and experience in a new direction; to benefit others.

Im a passionate and committed mindfulness and mental Health coach who, after professing through her mental health challenges & self awareness journey wants to share the tools and strategies to healthier mindset.

My coaching style is both within 1:1 plans & a group workshop platform.1:1 Sessions (min of 3) Are Tailored to Each individual based on some initial information I collect. Group Workshops (max of 6) explore how life creates stress and contributes to the possibility of living a happier and healthier life.

Jenna Clark
Jenna ClarkTrauma, Anxiety and Depression Coach
Hi, my name is Jenna and for the past 14 years, I have worked in emotion.

This ranges from domestic abuse- both victims and perpetrators to human trafficking and I have written and launched programmes for commissioners and worked alongside the Police, Charities and Social Care.

I run my own therapeutic practise and I specialise in trauma, anxiety and depression. I also work as a trauma therapist for a specialist team in social care.

My training and field experience is extensive. It has allowed me to create the workshops that I run for the Liberty Lounge and also for myself and other businesses.

Holly Ramejki’s
Holly Ramejki’sSocial Media Coach
Superstar social media guru, confidence queen and your lucky charm. Tell me your dreams and I’ll tell you how to get there with your own unique fare.

Book me for social media consultancy I promise your return on investment will be incredible.

Elaine Keith
Elaine KeithBusiness Consultant
“Challenging”, “Action Focused” and “Expert”, are some of the names I have been called by my clients. Working with me you will feel challenged and pushed so that we make your business a success and it achieves what you want it to. Along with this you will feel supported, developed and gaining new skills that help you grow as a business person.

What do I do? I am a Business Consultant who specialises in Start-Ups and People Development.

I have over 20 years of experience working with a vast range of businesses. From start-ups right the way through to some of the largest brands in the UK. My career has seen me working within sales, recruitment, retail, beauty, consulting and outsourcing.