Black Lives Matter

June 10, 2020

A message from the founder

I want to write everything I can to prove that Black Lives Matter, but the truth is at the moment they just don’t matter enough to some people. “oh well he was a druggy who spent half of his life in and out of prison’. So his life was not of as much value. When the system is making peoples lives disposable then they are saying the life doesn’t matter. When the message comes from the top of society, the people who should be enforcing the justice and laws of society what message does it send the people?

Justice must come from the top and when it doesn’t and we realise that we are not living in a fair society then we have to fight. I hate violence, can’t even watch boxing, but what on earth should we do? Wait for equality? It is 2020 and women are being shot dead in their beds because they matched the description of a criminal fit ‘black woman’.

As an organisation, all of the staff at The Liberty lounge are doing the 30-day challenge by @rachel.cargle ( around understanding White supremacy and unpacking our feelings weekly in a safe room held by @laterlifelucid ( We are also holding a Solstice shoot where you can pay what you can afford. All proceeds will go to BLM and we aim to raise £1000. Book here

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