July 16, 2020

A very large quantity of something

Across these last few months, we really wanted to focus our energy on something positive. When the lovely Philippa AKA @mamaoverwhelm suggested we take part in a Deepak Chopra 21 Day Abundance Meditation Challenge it seemed like the universe had listened to our worries about how to positively occupy our minds and came up with the goods.

If you’ve never meditated before this is an excellent place to start. The guided mediation helps you create some space in your day to reflect and think about what abundance means and how you can create more of it. Creating an abundance mindset can help you live a more satisfying life, you can feel plentiful, creative and inspired. It increases the security in your life, so you can feel more confident your endeavours will result in a successful outcome.

‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’

Paulo Coelho

The opposite of an abundance mentally is a scarcity. The idea of scarcity is that there is never enough (of something) to satisfy us. Or, that if you don’t get something you want, you’ve lost. When actually, the greatest good can come from all the learning involved when things don’t work out (if you are looking at it from an abundance mindset of course)

Scarcity can leave you feeling frustrated, impatient, angry and overwhelmed. Instead of empowered, engaged positive and excited, as our wonderful friend abundance does. Let’s be honest…who doesn’t want a large quantity of all this great stuff!?

What’s even more exciting is we’ve seen just how powerful an abundance mentality can be. Charla from @thegratefulheartsclub took part, and during the challenge managed to secure a deal delivering her gratitude workshop for Lloyd’s bank, something that before the challenge she didn’t have the confidence to believe was possible.

You can access the 21 Day Abundance Meditation Challenge here

If you try it, we’d love to know how you get on.

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